Monday, 30 September 2013

Toni & Guy Reconstruction Mask

Conditioning Treatments

So lately I have been trying to grow my hair and help work on the condition of it. I've heard so many things about Toni & Guy products and know they have a reputation to be high qaulity so I thought why not give them a go! :)

There reconstruction mask is meant to help bring moisture back to dry and damaged hair. My hair has been bleached as i'm naturally brunette so my hopes were to have it soften up and revive it a little. Obviously as I want to grow it and the hair at the top of my head is pretty healthy I put a small 50 cent piece of the product on the ends of my hair.

There is just a pic of the product for you so you know what it looks like! :)
I left it on the ends for about 10 minutes, with these kinds of products the longer the better, but your hair does have to be shampoo'd first. I washed it out and felt an immediate difference in the texture of my hair at the ends. I think the main thing with these kinds of products is consitency so I've been using it about 5 times since my first use just to give it a fair go. I have noticed a difference in my hair, it's not as much as I would of liked but still decent. I do like the product and think it's definetly worth a go. I would probably still experiment to see if there was any more long lasting effects but would reccomend it for sure!

Always good to try new things and I'd love to hear of any conditioning treatments you guys have tried and your thoughts :) Take care for now <3

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Indola Color Silver Shampoo

My Favourite Shampoo Pick!

Now unfortunately not all of us can embrace our natural hair colours and need a change now and again. I know I am a natural brunette but have been experimenting with different hair colours a while now. At the moment (I use that with caution lol) I am blonde. As much as I love blonde hair it can look amazing first done but get brassy and kind of hay looking after time. I think this is because it fades or there is some science to it but aside from that! There are so many different kind's of shampoos out there to help maintain hair colour. This one is one I wanted to make a mention to which was reccomended by my hair dresser who i'd be lost without!

This shampoo has an inbuilt toner in it which you would find with most blonde shampoo's however I feel the results are really noticeable. I used to use John Freda blonde shampoo which was pretty decent but after using this one it is only slightly decent. I changed hair dressers and he recommended this one to me and it really brings back that awesome freshly done hair tone. As it is quite a strong one I wouldn't use it more then once a week and a conditioning shampoo for your second rinse would be a good idea. I use tony and guy for that and find they are pretty good :) But experimeenting with different shampoo is always good to freshen up hair and so you know what works for you. So this is mainly for the blondes out there haha, most hair dressers should have this shampoo available or hair treatment shops its around $20 so a bit pricey but worth it. I hope you guys have found this useful and leave comments on your thoughts! :)

Take care <3

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub: Review

Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub

I have been using Pure Fiji products a fair bit recently and i'm not going to lie they are pretty pricey. This sugar scrub costs $49.95 for a 60ml tub. However when using it the price is totally worth it. I am a pretty big fan of this product, it's pretty hard to actually buy pshyically. Most spa places will have it available however if not there website has stock available in most scents and the postage is pretty quick.

I have used it in the mango, passion flower and pineapple scents. I think mango is my personal favourite as I love that scent but also find the fruit scents in the pure fiji range have a longer lasting smell. This to me isn't like the usual exfoliater as its much rougher almost like a tub of sugar you just rub on yourself haha! But you would only need to use it once a week as it's effects are pretty noticable once you wash it off. It's the kind of exfoliater you apply to wet skin but then rub without water then wash off with water for best results. If that made any sense to you what so ever haha! I figured I would make my first blog about this product as I feel the brand is a hidden gem as it's not terribly well known and it is one of my absolute faveourites! It is pretty average price with the typical body care type brands you get however I definetly think that the qaulity makes it worth it.

Thanks for reading guys and take care! :)

Monday, 23 September 2013

First Blog

Welcome! :)

After looking up different beauty guides to help relieve my boredom of late I have recently been inspired to create a blog my self. Just to share the different products I love to use and different tips and tricks I have learnt from my own experiences.
I will start with who I am
My name is Zoey, I am 21 years old and currently work in retail (bleh)
Attempting to grow my hair at the moment but I get bored pretty easily so that is rather difficult. I love television and mainly british tellie. Them brits know how to make anything funny!
This will mainly consist of my opinions on different brands whether they are good or bad, just how I have found them.
Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy my blog! :)