Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub: Review

Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub

I have been using Pure Fiji products a fair bit recently and i'm not going to lie they are pretty pricey. This sugar scrub costs $49.95 for a 60ml tub. However when using it the price is totally worth it. I am a pretty big fan of this product, it's pretty hard to actually buy pshyically. Most spa places will have it available however if not there website has stock available in most scents and the postage is pretty quick.

I have used it in the mango, passion flower and pineapple scents. I think mango is my personal favourite as I love that scent but also find the fruit scents in the pure fiji range have a longer lasting smell. This to me isn't like the usual exfoliater as its much rougher almost like a tub of sugar you just rub on yourself haha! But you would only need to use it once a week as it's effects are pretty noticable once you wash it off. It's the kind of exfoliater you apply to wet skin but then rub without water then wash off with water for best results. If that made any sense to you what so ever haha! I figured I would make my first blog about this product as I feel the brand is a hidden gem as it's not terribly well known and it is one of my absolute faveourites! It is pretty average price with the typical body care type brands you get however I definetly think that the qaulity makes it worth it.

Thanks for reading guys and take care! :)

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