Monday, 30 September 2013

Toni & Guy Reconstruction Mask

Conditioning Treatments

So lately I have been trying to grow my hair and help work on the condition of it. I've heard so many things about Toni & Guy products and know they have a reputation to be high qaulity so I thought why not give them a go! :)

There reconstruction mask is meant to help bring moisture back to dry and damaged hair. My hair has been bleached as i'm naturally brunette so my hopes were to have it soften up and revive it a little. Obviously as I want to grow it and the hair at the top of my head is pretty healthy I put a small 50 cent piece of the product on the ends of my hair.

There is just a pic of the product for you so you know what it looks like! :)
I left it on the ends for about 10 minutes, with these kinds of products the longer the better, but your hair does have to be shampoo'd first. I washed it out and felt an immediate difference in the texture of my hair at the ends. I think the main thing with these kinds of products is consitency so I've been using it about 5 times since my first use just to give it a fair go. I have noticed a difference in my hair, it's not as much as I would of liked but still decent. I do like the product and think it's definetly worth a go. I would probably still experiment to see if there was any more long lasting effects but would reccomend it for sure!

Always good to try new things and I'd love to hear of any conditioning treatments you guys have tried and your thoughts :) Take care for now <3

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